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Our Commitment To You


We have given a lot of thought about what our clients should expect from a professional law firm like Jennings, Linscott and Cutter. So we have put down in black and white, what our clients can consider their bill of rights.

Guiding You Through Your Social Security Claim 

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Our Clients Can Expect:

  1. Free Consultation with an experienced attorney involving the length of claims process, evidentiary requirements and attorney fees.
  2. To be represented from the initial application through the entire claim process by an experienced attorney without any requirement for money upfront.
  3. To have an attorney knowledgeable in all issues related to your case.
  4. To expect outstanding support staff and established office procedures.
  5. To have your questions answered promptly, courteously and to your satisfaction.
  6. To have your medical records and supporting physician statements before the administrative hearing.
  7. To be represented by an attorney willing to advance written arguments in favor of your case at any stage of appeal.
  8. To meet your attorney in advance of your hearing date to discuss evidence, hearing procedure and the expectations of the Administrative Law Judge.
  9. To have an attorney prepared, capable and willing to exhaust all reasonable appeals…including District Court.
  10. To have an attorney that is committed to the claim and the individual.

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Our attorneys have decades of experience in Social Security Disability. Our team at Jennings Linscott & Cutter, P.C., provides Social Security Disability legal representation for clients in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. Call 800-403-4144 to schedule your consultation. You can also reach us completing our online contact form.